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EasternUKWhy Selective Invoice Finance?

Two associated businesses, one specialising in the wholesale of chemical adjuvants and the other in a developed range of fertilisers and other agrochemicals have now both recently begun trading in earnest. With neither having working capital funding in place they needed support with both companies looking to grow quickly from the outset.

The nature of the customer base, primarily exporting beyond the UK, and potential large concentrations with any one or two customers at a time meant that to generate the funding both businesses needed, the working capital solution needed to be flexible and specific.


Why Scottish Pacific?

With the help of Scottish Pacific’s Selective Invoice Finance facility, the company has the flexibility in choosing which of their customers they need funding against, an option of 100% concentration for any one customer and in any one country at a time. Combining a bespoke Scottish Pacific facility with a tailored credit insurance policy delivered a solution for our client that covered all the bases.

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