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Scottish perfume 1Why Invoice Finance?

This cosmetics company manufactures skin care products under contract. This arrangement can be lucrative, however generating new business is a constant concern. So too is the capacity to take on new, larger accounts – a task that requires working capital for the purchase of ingredients, manufacture of products and payment of staff wages. Invoice finance gears the business for growth; managers and sales staff are free to focus on winning new contracts rather than delaying the process due to cashflow concerns. Plus, as new client deals are settled, more funds become available - making invoice finance the perfect option for this growing SME.

Why Scottish Pacific?

The business was drawn to Scottish Pacific due to a number of factors: Firstly, having to offer up personal property security in exchange for a typical overdraft facility was not attractive to directors. Secondly, one of the manufacturer’s major customers had been a Scottish Pacific Invoice Finance client for over a year and had improved their payment record as a result. Finally a strong relationship between the organisation’s finance broker and Scottish Pacific, built on positive feedback from other referred clients, sealed the deal.

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