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scottish pacific tradelineThe Trade Finance alternative.

Improve your purchasing power throughout global markets with a Scottish Pacific Tradeline account. Scottish Pacific Tradeline provides customers with a smarter trade solution when importing goods from global markets.

Tradeline Can Be Used For:

• Importing of goods for resale
• Supplementing existing trade facilities
• Assisting with the acquisition of imported plant and trade equipment.

Why choose Scottish Pacific Tradeline?

  • Quick approval (usually within 5 business days)
  • Less restrictive than other trade agreements
  • Flexible repayment terms (up to 90 days)
  • Does not affect banking agreements
  • Can be unsecured, so no need for home as security
  • Tradeline is privately owned and independent of the banks
  • Client focused, efficient, and flexible

How Tradeline Works:

  • Credit application to Scottish Pacific Tradeline
  • Approval of application (usually within 5 business days)
  • Agreements signed (importer and exporter)
  • Goods shipped to destination
  • Importer reviews Bill of Landing and accepts
  • Exporter paid by Scottish Pacific Tradeline
  • Importer pays Tradeline within 90 days.

Learn more about how Scottish Pacific Tradeline can help your business by visiting our Scottish Pacific Tradeline website.

For more information about how we can help your business, fill out a quick enquiry form or call us on the following number:

United Kingdom: 0800 023 9082

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