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scotpac trade financeMarkets across the globe are becoming more accessible and cross-border transactions are now part of everyday life for many SMEs. This has led to trade finance becoming an increasingly important business tool.

What is Trade Finance? 

Trade Finance is a form of working capital; the term commonly refers to the financing of cross-border, import/export transactions.

For an importer it means receiving funding in order to pay a supplier and allow time for the goods to be received, sold and turned into cash.

For an exporter it provides working capital until the overseas customer pays for the goods or services that have been delivered.

Exporters typically utilise export factoring or bill facilities as the primary means of financing overseas trading, which may be supported by a letter of credit to secure the transaction.

Our Trade Finance offerings include:

  • Tradeline - A fast and simple line of credit helping businesses purchase goods
  • Import Finance - Helping businesses improve their purchasing power and cash flow with a complete, end to end funding solution
  • Export Finance - Providing business access to additional working capital and improving cash flow by advancing funds against export invoices

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