Selective Invoice Finance

SP 30yr AUS

The most flexible selective invoice finance facility available.

scottish pacific selective articleWhat is Selective Invoice Finance?

Selective Invoice Finance is an on demand line of credit secured by one or more outstanding sales invoices. Submit only the invoices you would like funding against. Offer just one invoice or up to 10 invoices at any given time - it's your choice. Our flexible fee structure allows you to choose the funding period. The shorter the period, the cheaper the finance.

What are the benefits?

• Easy access to additional finance via our simple online application
• 24 hour approval
• No minimum period and no minimum fees.
• No non-usage fees or re-activation fees, provided the account remains open.

Who does it suit?

Selective Invoice Finance is a great option for seasonal businesses or businesses that only have an occasional requirement for additional working capital and prefer not to commit to a long term finance facility.

For more information about how we can help your business, call us on the following number:

United Kingdom: 0800 023 9082

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