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Whether you are looking to expand, boost working capital, improve your day to day cash flow or even buy a business, our range of invoice finance and trade facilities can help you.

scottish pacific helps businessScottish Pacific helps UK, Australian and New Zealand based businesses to enhance their cash flow and boost their working capital, and is Australasia’s largest independent cash flow finance provider.

The great thing about invoice finance is that it is a self-liquidating facility, meaning that you're not taking on additional debt, but rather receiving an advance on money that is already owed to you. In this way, you gain better control of cash flow and a boost to your working capital levels.

Our trade finance options enable business owners to increase their buying power both domestically and internationally, whilst accessing the cash tied up in outstanding invoices to overseas customers.

Here are just some of the benefits available to business owners accessing our range of cash flow finance and working capital solutions

  • Use today’s sale to fund tomorrow's growth
  • Boost your turnover by bringing cash receipts forward
  • Remove the requirement to offer family home as security
  • Choose a cash flow finance facility that grows in line with your business revenue.
  • There’s no need for you to offer costly settlement discounts
  • Boost working capital levels to accelerate growth and investment
  • Use property assets to build personal wealth instead of locking them into the business
  • Get discounts from your suppliers for early payment
  • Improve your buying power
  • Access new buying and selling opportunities in international markets

Take control of your cashflow, boost your working capital and give yourself the power to make the buying and hiring choices you want to make today.

For more information about how we can help your business, fill out a quick enquiry form or call us on the following number:

United Kingdom: 0800 023 9082

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