SP 30yr AUS

  • Scottish Pacific may be a large company but it doesn’t sacrifice good customer service.
  • Scottish Pacific are attuned to small-medium enterprises; they accommodate our needs.
  • The staff at Scottish Pacific have good commercial acumen and understand our business.
  • I’m happy with Scottish Pacific and their service. Fast and efficient processes are obviously a priority.
  • Scottish Pacific are very experienced in trade financing - invoice financing, in particular.
  • The staff are good people to deal with and know what they are doing.
  • Scottish Pacific is open to discussion and flexibility outside of the typical situation.
  • It’s been smooth sailing with Scottish Pacific and they are very reliable.
  • We’ve been dealing with Scottish Pacific for almost 10 years. They offer a fabulous service.
  • Scottish Pacific is a versatile company – they are happy to talk and negotiate.
  • We have only done one transaction with Scottish Pacific but the streamlined process was very quick.
  • Scottish Pacific’s approach to the whole facility set up was very accessible.

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