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Update: The Australian and New Zealand operations of Bibby Financial Services were acquired by Scottish Pacific Business Finance in late 2015 to create Australia’s largest non-bank invoice finance specialist. Welcome to our website.

ConcretePolishWhy Selective Invoice Finance?

This concrete finish and step polisher had been affected by long periods of rain which meant cash flow came to a halt for a 7-week period. The business' overheads, however, still needed to be paid. A quick, short-term solution was required to get back on track as no bank overdraft was in place. Selective Invoice Finance provided the business owner with the flexibility to choose which invoices to fund against.

Why Scottish Pacific?

The business only required a short-term solution and Scottish Pacific offered just that - at an affordable price. Furthermore, the client's commercial finance broker recommended Scottish Pacific based on our reputation for providing exceptional support to SMEs in a range of industries and situations.

To find out more about how Scottish Pacific can help your business, please visit our services page.

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