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Update: The Australian and New Zealand operations of Bibby Financial Services were acquired by Scottish Pacific Business Finance in late 2015 to create Australia’s largest non-bank invoice finance specialist. Welcome to our website.

Scottish Pacific SteelWhy Disclosed Invoice Discounting?

Our client is a major importer, exporter, manufacturer and distributor of a diverse range of steel products including structural steel, merchant bar, pipes & tubes and many more. Nearly half of their products sold are manufactured through their wholly owned subsidiary entities in China and are then taken to market via their entities in Australia. Due to the size of their business, our client were interested in refinancing to increase funding and wanted an alternative to their existing asset-based lending provided by their bank.

Why Scottish Pacific?

The client was recommended to Scottish Pacific via one of our introducers. We were able to offer a debtor finance facility that would provide our client the opportunity to maximise funding that could leverage against their receivables to assist with the refinancing process. Scottish Pacific were able to provide advances of 85% against the clients domestic invoices whilst also advancing 80% against invoices to New Zealand customers via an Export finance facility. With both these facilities in place, it enables our client to maximise funding to meet their cashflow needs.

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