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Update: The Australian and New Zealand operations of Bibby Financial Services were acquired by Scottish Pacific Business Finance in late 2015 to create Australia’s largest non-bank invoice finance specialist. Welcome to our website.

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Why Scottish Pacific Business Finance?

This importer & wholesaler of trade attachments required working capital funding for both its accounts receivables and its recurring orders of stock from overseas suppliers. Having previously utilised a debtor finance facility (in a different business), the organisation’s owners identified that invoice funding would be a wise way to access working capital tied up in ‘on the water’ and in receivables.

In addition, an import finance facility allows suppliers to be paid up front without hindering the business’ cash position or their ability to offer their customers standard 30-day terms.

The opportunity also exists for this business to utilise our export finance facility. 

Our ability to provide multiple funding lines under one roof, to support a lengthy trade cycle, was a huge boon to our client. This was reinforced by a recommendation from the client’s commercial finance broker who was familiar with Scottish Pacific’s reputation for supporting SMEs with varying requirements.

To find out more about how Scottish Pacific can help your business, please visit our services page.

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