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Update: The Australian and New Zealand operations of Bibby Financial Services were acquired by Scottish Pacific Business Finance in late 2015 to create Australia’s largest non-bank invoice finance specialist. Welcome to our website.

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Having access to adequate funding is vital for maintaining cash flow and for fuelling long-term business growth. It’s essential to the sustainability of your company, however big or small your business. Scottish Pacific offers a wide range of business and commercial finance services that help you get the funding you need.


Debtor Finance  DF

Debtor finance involves securing a line of credit by using unpaid invoices as collateral. You receive a cash advancement on your outstanding invoices, meaning you don’t have to wait for slow or late paying clients. There are several different options with debtor financing:


Full Service Factoring:

This is a full-service solution that’s best suited for companies with long-term funding needs. It involves three simple steps:

  • Upload your invoice
  • Wait for approval (typically within 24 hours)
  • Receive a cash advancement on 80 percent of the value of the approved invoice, less associated fees

The lender also handles the collections process for you, so you can focus on core operations.

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Selective Invoice Financing:

Selective invoice financing is a highly flexible option that’s ideal if you only need occasional funding. Here you only submit the invoice or invoices you need at any given time. This makes it great for seasonal businesses or if you only need working capital from time to time and don’t want any major commitments.

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Invoice Discounting:

Similar to debt factoring, you’re given a cash advancement by following the same three steps. The key difference is that collections are still handled in-house and kept confidential. Invoice discounting is a great option if you don’t wish for your customers to know that you’re seeking financing on their unpaid invoices.

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Progress Claim Finance:

This is designed for companies with contractual-based arrangements and that raise progress claims. Simply submit your monthly progress claims and receive a cash advancement of up to 70 percent of the invoice value. Once your customer completes their payment, you receive the remaining 30 percent, less a small fee.

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Bad Debt Protection:

There can be a lot of uncertainties for today’s companies. Bad debt protection covers you in the event that a customer fails to pay. Scottish Pacific handles the claim reporting process, giving you peace of mind.

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Asset Finance:

This facility allows you to obtain financing for equipment, machinery and vehicles (trucks and tractors). You can borrow up to 100 percent of the asset value over a fixed term and rate. It’s perfect for companies that are looking for flexible financing to improve productivity and expand their business.

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Quite simply, a cashline provides profitable businesses with a means of obtaining working capital that’s secured by outstanding invoices. It’s a confidential line of credit where you can receive funding on up to 70 percent of unpaid invoices, which can help ignite business growth.

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Corporate Line of Credit:

This is ideal for successful companies with an annual turnover of $5 million or more who need a flexible source of working capital. With a corporate line of credit, you receive up to 80 percent of the approved debtor ledger.

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Trade Finance Trade

Today’s businesses operate in a globalised market. As a result, many companies need access to funding that facilitates international transactions. Trade finance can provide that through three types of services.



Tradeline is a revolving line of credit which enables you to pay international and domestic suppliers, with flexible repayment terms. Facilities are available in multiple currencies, with the ability to pay your suppliers in almost any currency.

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Import Finance:

Import finance provides a solution to cash flow problems for companies that import goods for resale. You can receive funding on up to 100 percent of the cost of goods to free up cash flow and close the funding gap between you and your supplier. This is offered in conjunction with your Scottish Pacific Debtor Finance Facility.

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Export Finance:

Or if you sell products overseas, export finance can provide you with an advance on your invoices. There’s no need to wait for lengthy repayments, which makes it easier to sell to international customers and expand your business. This too will be used in conjunction with your Debtor Finance facility.

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