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Update: The Australian and New Zealand operations of Bibby Financial Services were acquired by Scottish Pacific Business Finance in late 2015 to create Australia’s largest non-bank invoice finance specialist. Welcome to our website.

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Cash flow is a major concern for many companies. Recent research found 41% of businesses have experienced cash flow issues within the last year, and 59 % say the financial impact has been highly consequential. 

Scottish Pacific Business Finance provides solutions to help your clients improve their working capital and grow their business.


 How Scottish Pacific Business Finance Solutions Can Help Your Clients


Slow or late-paying customers are a major hindrance to the growth and success of businesses. Having to continually wait or track down payments puts a strain on cash flow. Unfortunately, this problem is all too common, with more than 60% of small Australian businesses dealing with late or unpaid invoices in the last year.

As an accountant, it’s crucial that you help your clients stay on top of cash flow and ensure they’re not weighed down by sluggish invoice payments. Business finance solutions are an effective way to combat this problem and maintain a steady supply of cash flow. With invoice and debtor finance, unpaid invoices serve as collateral where your clients can borrow against the money they’re owed by their customers.

It's a simple 3 step process:

  1. The client uploads the invoice
  2. They wait for approval (usually within 24 hours)
  3. They receive a cash advancement of up to 95 % of the value of the approved invoice, less any fees

Scottish Pacific also services other solutions to help your clients, including trade finance, equipment finance and progress claim finance.

Directing your clients to business finance helps them free up their cash flow, keep up with business expenses and reinvest for accelerated growth.


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Reasons Accountants Choose Scottish Pacific


There are 5 key reasons to partner with Scottish Pacific. 

1. The process is quick and simple with a fast turnaround - No accreditation is required. Just send the referral to us, and we complete all the due diligence. Also, you can choose your level of involvement in the transaction. 

2. You can benefit from the partnership - We can negotiate better rates for your customers or discuss opportunities for other incentives top partner with Scottish Pacific. This is a win-win because it allows you to grow your accounting business and generate nearly passive income, while at the same time ensuring your clients have access to the funding they need. Your client can grow their business, and you can grow along with them. We also offer incentives for introducing clients, including the annual Platinum Partners event.

3. You provide added value to your clients - By referring them to Scottish Pacific, you’re giving your clients access to finance specialists who will find tailored solutions for their unique needs. They can choose from a variety of products to meet working capital requirements.

For example, there’s full-service factoring where we handle the collections process for your clients and track down payments. This tends to work well for companies with long-term funding needs and who lack an in-house collections team. 

Or they can choose invoice discounting where collections are handled in-house and the client’s customers aren’t notified that they’re seeking financing for unpaid invoices. There’s also selective invoice financing, which is a very flexible option where your client only submits the invoice(s) they need at any given time.

We serve help businesses in a variety of sectors.


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4. Suggesting business finance solutions that aren’t just out-of-the-box options - Scottish Pacific specialises in funding solutions that aren’t the typical high-price, short term, unsecured options, but rather personalised and tailored financing solutions to suit your clients’ needs. This will show your clients that you provided a considered option for their business financing needs rather than just offering an obvious product they could have found themselves.

5. No property security is required - Unlike many other loans from banks and traditional lenders, your clients don’t have to put up their home or commercial property as collateral. With our business finance solutions, outstanding invoices serve as collateral, meaning your clients don’t have to worry about losing their home or business property.


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Case Example


Here’s a specific example of how accountant Toney Cohen of Cohen & Krass used Scottish Pacific to generate cash flow for one of his clients.



Next Steps


Interested in partnering with Scottish Pacific to find a funding solution for your clients?

Here’s what to do next: 

  1. Fill in the Quick Enquiry Form or call on 1300 332 867
  2. One of our Business Finance Solution specialists will reach out to you to discuss the best options for your clients
  3. Establish your partnership with Scottish Pacific.



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