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Update: The Australian and New Zealand operations of Bibby Financial Services were acquired by Scottish Pacific Business Finance in late 2015 to create Australia’s largest non-bank invoice finance specialist. Welcome to our website.

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The information on this page is relevant to clients of Scottish Pacific (BFS) Pty Ltd (Scottish Pacific) formerly Bibby Financial Services Australia Pty Ltd, which was acquired by Scottish Pacific Finance Group on 31st December 2015.

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BBSY (Bank Bill rate)

Scottish Pacific (BFS) Pty Ltd uses the Bank Bill rate (BBSY) in the calculation of its reference rate.
Past rates quoted for the BBSY can be found in the table below.

BBSY as at:                Reference rate

1/09/2019   1.0991%  6.0991%
1/08/2019   1.10%      6.10%
1/07/2019   1.45%      6.45%
1/06/2019   1.65%      6.65%
1/05/2019   1.6486%  6.6486%
1/04/2019   1.8296%  6.8296%
1/03/2019   1.892%    6.892%
1/02/2019   2.0650%  7.065%
2/01/2019   2.0930%   7.093%
3/12/2018   1.9300%   6.930%
1/11/2018   1.9100%   6.910%
2/10/2018   1.9200%   6.920%
3/09/2018   1.9100%   6.910%
1/08/2018   1.9300%   6.930%
2/07/2018   2.0600%   7.060%
1/06/2018   1.9200%   6.920%
1/05/2018   1.9500%   6.950%
3/04/2018   1.8900%   6.890%
1/03/2018   1.7600%   6.760%
1/02/2018   1.7300%   6.730%
2/01/2018   1.7600%   6.760%
6/12/2017   1.7100%   6.710%
1/11/2017   1.6600%   6.660%
3/10/2017   1.6550%   6.655%
1/09/2017   1.6500%   6.650%
1/08/2017   1.6450%   6.645%
3/07/2017   1.6650%   6.665%
1/06/2017   1.6700%   6.670%
1/05/2017   1.6700%   6.670%
3/04/2017   1.6800%   6.680%
1/03/2017   1.6800%   6.680%
1/02/2017   1.6700%   6.670%
3/01/2017   1.6900%   6.690%
1/12/2016   1.6700%   6.670%
1/11/2016   1.6700%   6.670%
3/10/2016   1.6600%   6.660%
1/09/2016   1.6750%   6.675%
2/08/2016   1.8150%   6.815%
1/07/2016   1.9020%   6.902%
1/06/2016   1.9050%   6.905%
2/05/2016   2.0750%   7.075%
1/04/2016   2.1450%   7.145%
1/03/2016   2.1400%   7.140%
1/02/2016   2.1033%   7.103%
5/01/2016   2.1050%   7.105%
1/12/2015   2.1100%   7.110%
2/11/2015   2.0700%   7.070%
1/10/2015   2.1100%   7.110%
1/09/2015   2.1000%   7.100%
4/08/2015   2.0950%   7.095%
1/07/2015   2.1100%   7.110%
1/06/2015   2.0850%   7.085%
1/05/2015   2.2450%   7.245%
1/04/2015   2.2350%   7.235%
2/03/2015   2.3450%   7.345%
2/02/2015   2.5350%   7.535%
5/01/2015   2.6900%   7.690%


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